Sabroe, Atlas, Gram and BUUS ice machines. Repairs and refurbishments.

Original spare parts. Rechroming of evaporator drums. Are you looking for spare parts for new and old types of Sabroe, Atlas, Gram and BUUS flake ice / slice ice machines? We hold most spareparts for the ice machines on stock. What we don't have on stock, we will find or manufactor for you.

We hold documentation for following ice machines:

GRAM slice ice machines:

IKV-10, IKV-15 and IKV-20. Type with rotating drum. Fixed ice knife.

IKS-10, IKS-15 and IKS-20. Sanitary model. Avaiable with fixed knife or a stationary, rotating, spiked roller which was commonly used for freezing blood and hemoglobin.

Note: GRAM IKL-10, IKL-15 and IKL-20 have rotating ice knives. We do not spare parts on stock, but you are off course most welcome to contact us.

Atlas: V70, V155, V310, VD740 and VD1200. Except from V70 these machines are in size and footprint similar to the present range of BUUS iceflakers type V156, V316, V619, VD746 and VD1206 MK IV.

If you have the serial number at hand it is far the easiest, but we can also help you if you only have some or even no documentation for the ice machine.

Our highly skilled engineers can perform the repair anywhere in the World. There is often no need for you to ship the ice machine to Denmark for repair.

Rechroming of the drums can be carried out on diameters up to ø1320 mm. which covers all Sabroe, Atlas and GRAM machines.

Please contact us for advise.

Tel. +45 97 74 40 33

Pictures from a repair of a Gram IKV-20 AT freezing drum.

Shaft before repair. IKV iceflaker


The bearings had made serious grooves in the  shaft


The bearings more or less fell apart when we dismounted it


The drum in the lathe


Close-up of the fit for the bearing and seals


The drum. Ready to be return to the slaughter house.

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