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Horisontal iceflaker
Spare parts for V316, V373, V619, VD746 and VD1206
VSIM 25 flake ice machine.

Iceflakers type M, C, D, E and F.


Iceflakers. Type M, C, D, E and F. Horizontal type.

  • Each iceflaker produced by BUUS is registered in our files. We aim to register the spare parts that have been used for each iceflaker.
  • If you are unable to find the manual, we can provide you with a spare parts drawing and spare part list.
  • Before asking for an offer or ordering spare parts, please find the serial number of the machine. It is placed on a plate on the right side of the iceflaker. Near the gear and motor.
  • Some of the first machines that were made are still running and therefore they are quite old. If the plate is missing, please send as much information as possible: Year of purchase, machine type, name of the company that purchased the machine. You can also send us some pictures of the iceflaker.
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V & VD type iceflakers. V156, V316, V373, V619, VD746 and VD1206.

  • Sabroe iceflakers are very rugged and will work for many years. Today we manufacture type MK 4 at BUUS Refrigeration. MK 3 was made from 1976 to 1989. Serial numbers up to 3049 covers MK3. Serial number from 3050 and forward covers type MK4. From 1983 to 1986 the build up of the machines differs a little and it may take a little time to determine which spare parts that you need.
  • In order to send you the right parts please provide as much information as possible. The serial number is the key to the spare parts and is found on the plate on the upper, right side of the front of the machine.
  • Manager Frank Olesen is the V and VD spare part expert here at BUUS.
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Atlas, Gram and older Sabroe iceflakers.


Flake ice units. Block ice makers. plants etc.

  • The machines always delivered with a service manual where you can find a spare part drawing and a spare part list. If the manual is missing we can however help you when you provide us the serial number of the machine. Please also forward all other data that is available. For example the date of purchase. Customers name and address etc.
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